Responsible Gaming


EvolveCasino is dedicated to providing its customers with an environment that is conducive to responsible gaming. Please read our terms & conditions for more info.


It is the mission of the casino to provide customers with a top quality gaming experience, however, it is also our commitment to prevent any and all compulsive tendencies towards usage, as well as underage access of the gaming platform, which is strictly prohibited.

EvolveCasino prides itself on being a responsible, regulated online gaming company, compiling with all eCOGRA regulations and guidelines. These guidelines mean that all gaming offerings are correctly monitored to provide top customer protection.

The following EvolveCasino policies and tools have been implemented for you protection.


Protection of Minors

EvolveCasino does not promote or allow the use of the casino or its gaming products by those aged under 18. Any gambling activity by a minor, is in fact an offense. The casino and poker room is not designed for entertaining minors and through sophisticated verification systems, any minors who attempt to log in to the casino software, are easily identifiable.

However EvolveCasino does acknowledge that accessibility to the internet is readily available for households where minors are present and as a result, gaming companies together with guardians and parents need to work in conjunction to make sure minors are protected against underage gambling.

Preventative measures such as installing filtering software is highly recommended in order to prevent minor accessibility to specific websites as well as programmes.

Notable software providers:



Additional tips for parents:

  • Minors should not be left alone with the casino software being installed or running on a laptop, a cell phone or a tablet. Logout or take your device with you in order to avoid a minor accessing your accounts.

  • Password access to you accounts is highly recommended.

  • Keep this password, as well as your username and chosen deposit method details out of the reach of minors.

  • Education around the legality of gambling and the potential damages of underage gambling is highly recommended.

  • Limiting the time minors in your care have to spend online is beneficial.

These tips are beneficial, but unfortunately, these and many systems are not foolproof. With your assistance, if you are aware of any minors registered at EvolveCasino, please get in contact with us.

Compulsive gambling prevention

Gambling should be about entertainment, and enjoyment; however we also recognise that there are also those few that can take this enjoyment, and it becomes an obsession with the potential of monetary gains. There are a number of measures that we have in place to deal with this problem:

  1. EvolveCasino assists its employees to recognise and be able to take appropriate steps when necessary to identify the play of minors at the casino.

  2. The Casino self-exclusion programme is in place to assist those who may recognise and looking for assistance with gaming issues. Upon your request, we can assist with cancelling your membership, which will also then prevent you from entering the casino room.

  3. You are also able to set your own maximum deposit amount.

  4. Your name can also be removed from our email subscription list upon your request.


  • Gambling at EvolveCasino is a form of entertainment. It should not be seen as a ‘get rich quick” scheme.

  • Gambling is a game of chance; no formulas or tricks are available to guarantee you win.

  • The decision to gamble at the casino should be yours.

  • No loss should be chased.

  • It is recommended that you keep track of your expenses in your Transaction History.

  • Read the casino rules, know them well, and if you don’t, get in contact with us, prior to the start of you playing at the casino.

Seeking additional help or advice?

These professional organisations could help

Gamblers Anonymous
National Council on Problem Gambling
Gambling Therapy Helpline


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